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One of the most critical pieces of a DIY Green Roof project is the design and assembly of the edging. If you are a contractor with a Green Roof project you either have been working with someone who provides the edging to you or you struggle with finding the right product.

There aren’t any sheet metal operators that work directly on this product. Most have much bigger business opportunities that they are working on. Whomever you find in the “Green Roof” industry as a vendor is most likely getting these built by a sheet metal manufacturer.

We have been in the sheet metal business for over 100 years and when we saw the struggles the Green Roof contractors were facing we decided to take on building a system that would help the contractors in designing,   and assembling the edging for their projects.

Here is what we did. We set out to design and build components for the edging with ease of assembly and transportation in mind. We wanted the edging to be assembled like Lego. One piece at a time and without tools.

We designed 4 different components a Green Roof contractor can mix and match to build the edging with ease. The four components are

  1. Edging (Straight & Curved)
  2. Universal Corners
  3. Joiners
  4. Drain Boxes

DIY Green Roof Edging – No Tools Required

The edging we designed come in straight lengths of 48″ and 96″. This makes it easier for transportation and assembly purposes. Especially the 48″ stacks nicely on a 48″x48″ pallet, which is the most common size used in hauling material across US. We can provide the edging with slots and without slots. Please specify when requesting a quote.

The edging we design can have varying height and foot dimensions that you can specify. If the height is so large that it might be unstable due to loads we also provide an optional gusset also designed to fit our system.

We also provide curved edging which you can match to your curves. These are flexible and can be adjusted based on your requirements.

Universal Corners

Our Universal Corner will bend in both directions giving the contractor the ability to use only one product to make the corners as the design and the assembly requires.


The Joiners are used to connect the Edging to each other so they can be extended without tools. The joiner also provides for error corrections in the length calculations when the corners quite don’t match up and the edge has to be extended a few inches. No tools are required to join the edges with the joiners. Each piece slides into the other making it a very quick and efficient installation process. Please watch the video.

Drain Boxes

We will build the drain boxes to your specification. We do have some standard sizes we are offering online. The drain boxes are designed with covers and assembled with stainless steel hardware.


You can chose from Aluminum and Stainless Steel. We can also offer other materials. If you require a material we are not listing here please fill out the Quote Request Form and we will most definitely provide you with a quote.

Most common materials are: Mill Finished Aluminum 3003 H 14 Grade. 90% recycled content. Typical sizes are: 0.063, 0.080, 0.090, 0.125. With Stainless Steel most common gauges are 18, 16, and 11.

Edge Wise Tools – Green Roof Kits

We provide a Green Roof Kit that is completely functional and used in schools for teaching, with various courses, by architects and contractors to sell their projects and explain how Green Roofs work and how it can benefit their customers and the environment. If you are interested in learning how to make a green roof purchase one of our kits. The kits come with instructions for assembly and is fully functional. You can purchase the kits online at our online store.

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